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To Our Loved Ones: THANK YOU!

Last updated: October 2021

Dear Loved Ones, Caring Family and Friends,

Thank you for all that you do. In the moments when I am not feeling well, you have been there for me. Life with skin cancer is an emotional rollercoaster, and I am thankful to have your support. You are a superhero!

Your many roles

Thank you for being my personal shopper when I need something picked up from the store. My driver when I need a ride to treatments or appointments. My chef who cooks tasty meals to fill me up (ordering takeout counts, too). My shoulder to cry on when I am feeling down. My shelter when life feels like a chaotic storm.

Image saying thank you and showing caregivers helping with driving, shopping, cooking, and comforting

The little things

Thank you for the little things, like making me a cup of tea or writing me a note to let me know you are thinking of me. Your small actions do make a big difference!

Woman drinking tea with banner saying thank you for the little things

Just being there

Thank you for just being there in the quiet moments when riding in the car. In the waiting room or at home. When I am feeling anxious and worried, your presence means more to me than you know.

Two people driving in a car with banner saying thank you for just being th

I cannot thank you enough

Thank you for listening when I just need someone to talk to. And for making me laugh when I am feeling down. I do not think I can thank you enough. THANK YOU!

Two hands clasped together with banner saying thanks does not seem like enough

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