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BCC & SCC: 6 Essential Reads

Basal cell, squamous cell and precancer all hold their own unique challenges. These six articles talk about different aspects of non-melanoma skin cancer.

On your Mohs surgery prep

Renee provides tips for before, during, and after Mohs surgery based on her experience with the treatment.
Read You’re Having Mohs Surgery? Advice For A Friend


On your recurrence and test results anxiety

Judy talks about the anxiety she’s faced each step of the way, and will continue to face with the threat of recurrence.
Read Test Result Anxiety – The Adult Version

On your skin cancer wake-up call

Judy discusses what her skin cancer diagnosis taught her, and why she’s glad she received her diagnosis when she did.
Read Thankful for Skin Cancer?

On your regrets

Ronni reflects on her years of risky tanning behavior and how much she didn’t know in her youth.
Read From Baby Oil to Squamous Cell Carcinoma

On shame

April discusses the harsh costs of tanning but also rejects the idea that anyone “deserves” their skin cancer.
Read Tanners: Who’s to Say We Deserved It?

On telling your scar stories

April walks through her scars and what they mean to her.
Read Melanoma, Basal, AKs: My Battle