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Melanoma Can’t Have Me!

It’s Melanoma Monday!

May 6th is Melanoma Monday, a national day devoted to melanoma awareness and activism. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, and can develop on places you might not even expect — the eyes, nails, and scalp, including your skin. Melanoma is almost always caused by too much sun exposure.

You can prevent melanoma

In many cases, melanoma can be preventable. Using sunscreen is integral in helping protect yourself. Tanning beds are extremely dangerous and can increase your risk for a melanoma 8 fold.1 Seek shade whenever possible! Finally, ensure you and your family are going for regular skin checks and performing your own.

A melanoma compilation

Over our two-plus years of sharing skin cancer stories, we’ve seen many sides of living with melanoma. Read up, learn more, and spread awareness today:

Clinical perspectives

Diagnosing melanoma

Personal perspectives

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