A Spider Bite?

A dear friend asked for decorating help for her June wedding. Enjoying decorating, and loving this young lady and her family, I volunteered to take care of the whole event. After all, this family was like my own. My children and their children grew up together almost like siblings.

Okay, I’ll do it

The weekend of the wedding arrived and after countless hours of planning, organizing, ordering, creating, hauling, and setting up, it was time for the fresh greenery. Having almost a forest at the back of our property, I decided to gather my own greenery, which would save the family lots of money. I trudged, farther and farther, back into our woods and began snipping away.

Greenery was stuffed into my mid-sized SUV and was literally hanging out of the windows as I drove to the venue. Gorgeous magnolia cuttings were the final touch. All I had to do was keep it all from dying before 7:00 the next evening.

A time for celebration, or so I thought

The greenery was washed and trimmed and framed the other decorations beautifully. It was a beautiful celebration. The bridal party left with lasting memories, and I left for a massage. With the unloading and unpacking completed, I was able to return to my routine, or so I thought. It wasn’t that simple.

What is that?

The week following the wedding, I noticed a small red spot on my right forearm. It resembled an insect bite so I added some antibacterial ointment. I’m a mosquito magnet; that’s probably it. After all, I had been foraging through every type of greenery in East Texas. The bite didn’t go away. In fact, it was no better at all. I was puzzled. I continued to medicate it daily, and it slowly continued to get worse. Mosquito bites usually go away!

Decorating for a wedding did this!?!

It developed a tiny blister-looking tip, similar to a fire ant bite. I began trying other types of ointments, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide - anything to keep it from getting infected. It got worse and kept getting a little bigger each day. Hmmm, maybe this is a spider bite from some of those plants.  Still, it didn't get better, and I became concerned. It was painful, red, and inflamed and, at this point, I was keeping it covered with a bandage. Was it infected? What was this?  I made an appointment with my dermatologist.

I was leaving for a week-long dirt digging, cement laying, house building, and Bible school teaching mission trip in Honduras later in the month. Cleanliness and sanitation would not be prioritized, so I knew I had to get this arm taken care of promptly. I begged for an immediate appointment; there weren’t any.  When I told them about going out of the country, they found an appointment.

This “bite” was now untouchable due to the pain.

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