Boxes, giant bottles of sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses spill out of the back of a moving truck.

Moving? How to Talk About Skincare

I do not like moving. I mean I like exercise, but rather I don’t like the process of relocating from one residence to another. This is especially true when it means moving eight hours away. The sorting, packing, loading, unpacking along with the myriad of administrative details is nightmarish. I am not even talking about all the farewells and goodbyes. It is rough.

Moving back to NYC

I am moving next week from Buffalo to the New York City/Long Island area. Fourteen years ago I left Long Island for Western New York and now the triumphant return. I am a different guy. Life has changed me in so many ways. I guess older makes wiser? Right? One thing that is different about me is my strong feelings about good skincare practices. I became an advocate during my time in Buffalo.

I have changed my skincare practices

So, why is that noteworthy? Well, my set of priorities has changed. I will see old friends from when I lived there previously and make new ones. Most of my friends were outdoorsy. Fishing, skeet shooting, golfing, ballgames, beaching (is that a word?) with lots of trips to Florida in between. I don’t remember ever discussing things like SPF with them.

Skincare advocacy - Will anyone care?

Yet, now, expressions like “sun exposure” and “UV rays” are part of my regular vocabulary. I realize that I need to have a plan to advocate for smart skincare practices without coming off as weird, annoying, or a “know it all.” There is nothing worse than coming off as judgmental and critical or simply, odd. How do I share my thoughts so that others will consider them?

How to talk about skin cancer prevention

Here is my ten-point plan:

  • Listen first. Ask questions. Be empathetic and earn the right to be heard. The old axiom applies, “They don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”
  • Don’t pretend to be the expert. Be willing to be corrected and expect push back.
  • Know my stuff. For some folks, anecdotes and stories effectively communicate ideas and for others, numbers and statistics are better.
  • Know my audience. This will inform how I approach them. Do not make assumptions.
  • Point people to online resources, such as Many people like to do their own research on their terms and in their own time.
  • Express gratitude. Thank people for considering I have to say.
  • Follow up, if appropriate. Many people are internal processors, which means that they need time to think about what they have heard and then will consider altering lifestyle choices.
  • Be kind. Enough said!
  • Connect with local advocates, agencies, nonprofits and find ways to coordinate activities that can save lives.
  • Stay connected with my online community as well.
  • Do not forget my own smart skincare practices. Moving is so stressful with so many details. It would be easy to neglect my own needs with so many pressing things.

Talking to others about skincare

I hope this is helpful. You may not be moving, but you probably meet new people in your daily activity (even during these unusual times). Parts or all of this plan can be yours. Of course, it can be modified to fit your situation. One size doesn’t fit all. The most important thing is to have a good plan and then implement it. See you in the Big Apple!

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