Family and the Holidays

Are you excited for the holidays? Is a little part of you dreading it? Excitement, love, anxiety, fear, and family…all these feelings and more come along with decking the halls, lighting the candles, and passing the latkes. This holiday season, we’re wishing you happiness, health, and relaxation!

Coping through the holidays
Reflecting on Family

A Word to Family and Friends
Scott’s honest message to his loved ones: “please understand”.

The Melanoma Mom
April tells us how she shares her skin cancer journey with her kids.

“If you’re gonna get cancer, skin cancer’s the one to get”
sassybro struggles with the misconceptions of others, but cherishes newfound joys. Scroll to the bottom of the article for an update on his story!

Coping through the holidays

Share Your Everyday

How does skin cancer impact your holidays?

Coping through the holidays

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