May is Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness Month!

Last updated: May 2019

We come together every day as a community to share our stories, tips, and experiences. So what makes awareness month different? We're joining our fellow advocates in raising our voices to the whole world! One of our advocates, April Pulliam, recently shared how she's renewing her commitment to advocacy:

As an advocate, I am still learning. As a skin cancer patient, I am determined to drive home my point. It’s becoming increasingly important to me to find new and more effective ways to change minds and touch hearts. We all need to shake things up from time to time. Maybe by shaking up my usual advocacy routine, I can help more people shape up their attitudes about sun safety and skin cancer.

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Every Monday, we'll be sharing stories of melanoma from our community members. No matter your skin cancer type, you can always share your own story here on our Stories page. And don't forget you can join a conversation anytime on our Community page here!

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