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Am I ok coming here? :)

  • By soin2la

    Hi everyone.
    For starters, to make life easier and a little more personal, you can call me Tim.

    Ok, I just discovered this site after multiple days of searching. I had registered on two other “cancer” forums without receiving any response, so here I am.

    First, I do not have skin cancer but have a history of Actinic Keratosis that I am seeking help with, if that is permitted here.

    Before I go on I would like to know if I can share a wordy chronology and more importantly, if it is within the rules to share pictures, via links to dropbox.

    I believe those two requests will better help you understand my situation and thus help me.

    Please advise which forum would be most appropriate for my chatter.

    I’ll leave it at that and await your response.

    As an FYI, I am on the west coast of Canada so there may be some time zone issues; we’ll see.

    Thank you.


  • By NinaHU Keymaster

    Hi @ soin2la / Tim, welcome to the community. We do have some information on precancer and Actinic Keratosis here. One good way to share your experience would be by submitting a story here: We try not to publish stories over 800 words, so try to keep it under that. We don’t have a way to share images. Perhaps you could describe the situation? Thank you for posting and I hope our community proves helpful!
    – Nina, Team