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Pimples that produce fatty globular type substance when squeezed/do not heal

  • By River

    Hi, I realise this is not a place for medical diagnoses, but would appreciate any thoughts on my situation. I live very isolated, with no roads and a long sea boat journey is my only access.
    Travel is not something that is at all easy for me.

    I am a 57 yr old single male who is fit and quite healthy except for this skin problem.
    My focus is natural healing for any situations I may occur.

    So this started about 8 yrs ago with a few strange sort of pimples occurring on my left temple. (This does not show on my account picture)
    They sort of came to a semi-scabby type head, which when rubbed, sloth off, leaving a open type of pimple and if squeezed at a deep level and quite hard, produces a whitish fatty type globular substance, this substance is in little globules that can be squeezed and becomes a squashed fatty substance.

    And this just repeats itself, the pimple type opening does not heal, but just continues to produce the fatty type substance.
    After squeezing, some blood follows then a scab forms, but the sacb is soon brushed off as no new skin can form on top of the fatty substance.

    Slowly the pimple type opening gets larger, producing more fatty type substance and two or more of the pimple type openings may expand and become as one larger.
    Also there have been a few more come up around the original location if these pimple type eruptions.

    Once the opening gets larger the opening remains open and the inside of the opening is quite a bit below the normal skin level.

    There is not much pain in the actual pimple type situation, it is the very gradual increasing in size and slow spreading that is my concern.

    While I am not asking for a diagnosis, I am at this stage interested to see if I can get some type of idea of what I may have.
    My limited research, which just started today, has not lead me to what I may have.

    I do live a simple healthy vegetarian, physically active life here.

    As shared, any helpful thoughts appreciated and I do not mind answering any questions about my current skin situation.


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  • By NinaHU Keymaster

    Hi River, thanks for reaching out. I will certainly guide anyone here should they mention something similar. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this and that it is rather hard to find further information or receive a diagnosis. If you haven’t found them yet, our photo galleries may be helpful. You can find them in the menu under “Images”. We do have this article on home remedies, but I would strongly caution that you may want to seek a diagnosis and consult with a doc first: Please let us know how things go! – Nina, Team

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  • By River

    Hi Nina, thank you for your reply regarding my skin condition enquiry and for the information about home remedies, for the skin condition pictures link, and that you would let anyone know about my post here if they present with similar situations as I have written of.

    As none of the pictures or their descriptions on your website, come anywhere near to describing my situation and I have found nothing in my web searching that comes anywhere close to describing my situation, this has been a start for me to trying to get a idea of what my situation may be.

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