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  • Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I have, in the past (5-6 years ago) had pre-cancerous spots on my face and chest. I have had: 5-FU for many months; cryo-therapy for a few areas as well as PhotoDynamic Therapy on both the face and the chest. Now, I have 3-4 places on my face (and chest, several) that I am pretty sure, more severe than what I previously had therapy on. One is located just above and on my upper lip line, one area a little larger than a pencil eraser on my cheek and one on my lower face about an inch from my jawline. The lip area appeared within the last year, but has gotten to the point of being extremely scaley, always red and pretty painful when touched. The cheek is always always red, rough to the touch and somewhat painful to the touch. The area near my jawline is a dark freckle, flat and smooth, but now developing a red 'ring' around it, but not scaley or rough. They have me super concerned. I have an appt set for this Thursday with the PA at a new dermatologist as I asked for the first available appt with any of the doctors. I am unable to go back to my original derm as he is located in Indiana and I have since moved to Florida. I do work at a world recognized cancer center and the facility where I am going is with USF Medical, a partner and collaborator with the cancer center. Can anybody give me any ideas of possible treatment they may suggest since I have already had 3 different types of treatment already? The 5-FU and the PDT treated the entire face and chest (an experience in and of itself). I am super concerned and very apprehensive. Thoughts or suggestions please! Thank you in advance!

    Has anyone been told they have an aggressive Basel cell he said it went into the fat layer, and dummy me should of asked more questions .waiting on biopsy for Basel cell and squamous cell didn't get it all the first time.

    What should one expect with treatment on their forehead and scalp. Will there be tightness, pain, or numbness? Share your knowledge and hear what others are saying in the forum below.

    Hi everyone. For starters, to make life easier and a little more personal, you can call me Tim. Ok, I just discovered this site after multiple days of searching. I had registered on two other “cancer” forums without receiving any response, so here I am. First, I do not have skin cancer but have a history of Actinic Keratosis that I am seeking help with, if that is permitted here. Before I go on I would like to know if I can share a wordy chronology and more importantly, if it is within the rules to share pictures, via links to dropbox. I believe those two requests will better help you understand my situation and thus help me. Please advise which forum would be most appropriate for my chatter. I’ll leave it at that and await your response. As an FYI, I am on the west coast of Canada so there may be some time zone issues; we’ll see. Thank you. Tim.

    Hi, a few months back I noticed I had a blood blister on my breast. I do get spots quite often and I thought I had popped one and damaged the skin, the blood blister went but left a clear spot/blister. It's now back to being a blood blister and I'm terrified. It's slightly raised and dark red/purple in colour. It does look very similar to cherry angiomas but also looks just like a blood blister and cancer. I'm going to doctors tomorrow but I was hoping for someone to reply or have some knowledge of it.

    Re: my best friend's recovery. It's now over 3 months since the MOHS surgery on his face. It's going well, with one exception: shooting pain (we call them "zingers") that have been keeping him awake most nights lately. We realize it's nerve regeneration (which is a good thing) but looking for suggestions on how to calm it down so he can get some sleep. Any help is appreciated.

    SCC on hand. Mohs surgeon is booked 3 months out. is this delay pose serious consequence?

    Looking to get opinions on a few pictures of an itchy red patch on my back

    Hi there, I'm at day 12 of a '2 to 3 week treatment' for a precancer and I suffer a lot. Yeah I know, it is what it is. My question is: is it ok if I stop after 2 weeks? My skin is swollen just below my right eye. I've been told to stop when my skin shows like a crust but I can't say if it is a crust or just heavy dry skin?

    Share your tips, tricks, and challenges for dealing with topical chemotherapy. Connect with others who've used Efudex (Fluorouracil) or other topical chemos.

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you that our furry friends can help us with our healing. I'm sure that most of us have a pet to keep us company, to talk to, and cuddle with. Did you know that our furry friends know when we are sad, upset, sick or happy. Their senses are highly developed. They observe everything, they know our scent, understand our tone of voice, they know our daily routine, we are part of their “pack” if not their world. They try their best to comfort us. They show it in a variety of ways, they may sit on our lap or sit with us on the sofa and cuddle. My cat Nicky always knows when I'm not feeling well or upset. She'll lay on my lap and look up at me, as she extends her front leg toward my face and boops me on the nose with her paw. It makes me laugh. Sometimes she licks my hand, and does kneading, like kneading dough, with her front paws into my stomach. Then lays down and grooms herself before settling in for some petting by me. She'll lay there sometimes for hours until I feel better. Then she'll leave when she feels that I'm better. Sometimes she stays outside my bedroom door all night. She only does this when she's really concerned about me. Does anyone else have this experience? Please share if you do.

    I am scheduled to have an excision of a BCC on my shin in about a month. This is my 3rd BCC, so I know what to expect with the excision. At least I think I do. :-) My first two BCCs were on my face and shoulder. I had Mohs surgery on my face and an excision on my shoulder, both of which went well and the scars have healed nicely. I'm a little more concerned about this third one though, mostly as to the recovery. The BCC on my shin has been there for several years and is larger than the others I've had. The dermatologist and I both thought it was just a scar. Finally this year I noticed that it had changed and had it biopsied just in case. It was just a shave biopsy, no stitches, but it still took a really long time to heal. Much longer than other biopsies I had done at the same time on my face and neck (which were negative - yay!) I know that excisions on lower limbs can be slower to heal, and I'm guessing this one will be a doozy. I'm also worried that just flexing my ankle while walking could pull on the stitches. I know I'll have to stay out of the gym for 2 weeks until the stitches are out, (plus I'm annoyed that spring should be arriving here in Kansas right about the time I'm supposed to limit my activity), but I can live with that. :-) If anyone has thoughts about wound healing on a lower leg that they'd like to share, I'd love to hear them! Thanks, Christy

    Hi recently diagnosed with BCC successful excision to remove but since have two more both being removed by freezing. Just wondered, is there any sense at all around volumes once they kick in, or what the triggers are, or what would be considered an average count for 54 year old with badly damaged head from sun? Many thanks

    We're excited to meet each and every member of the community - and that includes you! Tell us a little bit about why you're here - What type of skin cancer are you dealing with? How old were you when you were diagnosed? What brings you to our site?

    If you look at my profile pic you'll see that on my eye I have this pearl shaped waxy looking bump. It appeared almost a year ago. I now I have another one right on the tear duct that's starting. You can barely see it in the pic. I'm worried bc I don't have insurance and so I don't know if this could be cancer or not. Any advice?

    I thought I had a cyst as that is what I had been told in the past & it would go away by did, but it came back and just kept getting bigger. I went to a new Dr. & he says cancer & set up radiation treatments. But he didn't do a biopsy. Is this right?

    I am a retired MD with a personal and family history of skin cancer. I have related my success with an extract of goldenseal seal and myrrh along with hyperthermia in treating my basal cell lesions. I also reported the success others are reporting with an extract of eggplant. Evidence exists that warrants further exploration of these and others. I and many others are fed up with the endless cycle of biopsies and surgery for non-melanoma lesions. Physicians have a moral OBLIGATION to seek the least toxic and invasive modes of treatment. The time for change is NOW.

    Starting conversations about end of life care can be very difficult. When is the right time to start that conversation? Who do we start the conversation with? What are the next steps after a conversation? Hearing about others experience with these talks can be helpful. Share your thoughts or ask a question below:

    Hi 2 months ago, my back was itchy, when I scratched it, I realized I was bleeding. I then found out I had 2 dark brown spots. Saw my doctor the next day who said it looked like age spots but referred me to a dermatologist to get them looked at. I saw him 2 weeks later, by then I also had a red spot. He did biopsies then called me within a few days saying they are all BCC. He said he would send me to a plastic surgeon to have them removed. All he said was I would require stitches. I am seeing the plastic surgeon tomorrow. I’m a little nervous not really knowing what to expect. I’m not sure if he’ll actually be removing them tomorrow.

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