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  • Lets fight against cancer with CancerBro

    Hi everyone my name is Mic and I am here to introduce you a very authentic and latest information on cancer and also they have cancer community and you can share your thought or experience with other and help someone who needs it. So, please visit

    Introduce yourself to the Community!

    We’re excited to meet each and every member of the community – and that includes you!

    Tell us a little bit about why you’re here – What type of skin cancer are you dealing with? How old were you when you were diagnosed? What brings you to our site?

    Nerve Regeneration following MOHS

    Re: my best friend’s recovery.
    It’s now over 3 months since the MOHS surgery on his face. It’s going well, with one exception: shooting pain (we call them “zingers”) that have been keeping him awake most nights lately. We realize it’s nerve regeneration (which is a good thing) but looking for suggestions on how to calm it down so he can get some sleep. Any help is appreciated.

    3 days post BCC excision

    My friends said this would be no big deal, but I’m very emotional looking at 3 in. of stitches down my arm. I wasn’t expecting this.

    New with BBC

    Hi, noticed a small mole on my back couple of years ago. Pointed it out to my Gp. She felt it was nothing to worry about but asked if I wanted it removed for cosmetic reasons. I was concerned and said yes. Waited 14 months to see a Derm. he felt it was unusual and removed it and sent it for biopsy. No stitches just a bandaid. 3 weeks after. leaves me a voice mail. pathology came back , its basal cell, both nodule and I think she said positional, could not understand on message.And to come back in 3 months for a follow up.Was unable to speak with her, just receptionist for an appointment. Little concern about the small removal of tissue only.

    Hyperthermia and herbal extract for basal cell completely successful.

    I challenge all doctors and patients to consider the simple and safe method I am proposing especially those like me who have already had multiple surgeries. Surgeries which always hold the prospect of serious infections and possible disfigurement. To doctors on this website I respectfully ask them to consider the implications of the Hippocratic Oath which they swore “first do no harm.” I believe it is an ethical and moral imperative for them to fully consider alternatives to surgery when those alternatives are apparently posing little risk and have at least some possibility of success. Keep in mind how the medical establishment greeted Semmelweis over hand washing and Pasteur about microbes.

    Scared for biopsy Results !

    I just had a small mole removed, the dermatologist looked at it, and said that it looked normal, though it was a little larger than an eraser and she said she saw a little black on it, nothing too alarming. She gave me the option of not having it removed, and just monitoring it, though, she also gave me the option for a biopsy, just to play it safe… which I did. I am scared that I do have melanoma and that it has spread to my lymph nodes. Has anyone had the same experience as me? The fact that she did not seem to alarmed at first gives me hope, though the mole was slightly abnormal. How long should I expect to hear back from the biopsy result? I am 24 years old, Male, with no family history of skin cancer. Thanks!

    Should I be concerned? Quite medium large brown spot on shin.

    I’m new here but I have a 2-3cm brownish roundish spot on my right shin. It is not a solid colour rather it is faded and similar to acne scar (I don’t get any acne there LOL). It is just one big round spot and it is completely flat like skin. Is this to be concerned of?? Please help I am young. 🙁

    Skin Cancer Events

    Post about events in your area! Please keep in mind community rules about personal fundraisers.

    Summer & Skin Cancer?

    Sun isn’t the only challenge for those living with skin cancer but it does pose its own set of issues and hurdles and those tend to grow during the summer months when so many social activities are centered around sun-filled activities.

    How do you handle the extra sun during the summer months? What tips do you have for those who are new to skin cancer and facing months of sun? How do your behaviors change – and how have they not?

    BCC on my shin

    I am scheduled to have an excision of a BCC on my shin in about a month. This is my 3rd BCC, so I know what to expect with the excision. At least I think I do. 🙂 My first two BCCs were on my face and shoulder. I had Mohs surgery on my face and an excision on my shoulder, both of which went well and the scars have healed nicely. I’m a little more concerned about this third one though, mostly as to the recovery.

    The BCC on my shin has been there for several years and is larger than the others I’ve had. The dermatologist and I both thought it was just a scar. Finally this year I noticed that it had changed and had it biopsied just in case. It was just a shave biopsy, no stitches, but it still took a really long time to heal. Much longer than other biopsies I had done at the same time on my face and neck (which were negative – yay!)

    I know that excisions on lower limbs can be slower to heal, and I’m guessing this one will be a doozy. I’m also worried that just flexing my ankle while walking could pull on the stitches. I know I’ll have to stay out of the gym for 2 weeks until the stitches are out, (plus I’m annoyed that spring should be arriving here in Kansas right about the time I’m supposed to limit my activity), but I can live with that. 🙂 If anyone has thoughts about wound healing on a lower leg that they’d like to share, I’d love to hear them! Thanks, Christy

    Tips for excision under my bra strap

    Hello community,

    I recently had a scrape biopsy on a mole that is directly under my bra clasp on my back. It wasn’t bad but it turns out I have to now get the mole excised and I’m a bit nervous about not being able to wear a bra while it heals or having pain from the bra, etc.

    Wondering if anyone has had to deal with it and if you have any suggestions for me. I know it might feel like a silly thing to think about in the scheme of things but it’s what’s worrying me at the moment. Any advice would be appreciated!

    Newly diagnosed Basal cell carcinoma

    Had surgery on face 11/7/2017 positive margins. Consultation with my surgeon on 12/8/2017 need another surgery. I am very nervous is this silly of me?

    Still worried

    I recently had 2 biopsies done The one on my temple is benign yeah! The one on my breast is another BCC margins from excision are clear. Does this mean I am at risk for breast cancer? I didn’t ask my doctor I was so busy asking about my next surgery. It’s my 2nd surgery at the corner of my eye which makes me very nervous 😕

    Everyday Living

    We want to hear about your everyday life with skin cancer!

    What has changed since your skin cancer diagnosis? What are your new habits and routines? How do you stay grounded when there’s so much to juggle?

    Tips & Tricks for the Skin Cancer Community!

    It’s time for a knowledge share! Please share your best advice and tips for others living with skin cancer:

    • What tips do you have for managing the summer/sun with skin cancer?
    • What advice do you have for the newly diagnosed?
    • What tips do you have for caregivers, family, and friends?

    Welcome to!

    Welcome to – a community dedicated to those who are living with skin cancer, looking to find or share information, or those who are looking for support. We’d love to hear more about what you’re looking for and why you’re here – share your story or leave a comment!

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