Circles float over and analyze a man's body during a dermatologist appointment.

My Visit to the Dermatologist

    Tips for your dermatologist appointment

    • Be flexible with appointment times and dates as most practices are trying to "catch up" on appointments.
    • Be ready to answer questions about your current health status prior to or at the appointment and bring a mask.
    • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove and put back on.
    • Be prepared to discuss any changes in your skin or anything that might concern you.
    • Ask questions, if you have them. Be assertive and to the point as appointments are generally shorter right now.
    • Make sure that you get a thorough examination by a qualified medical professional. This includes your scalp, your feet, and areas that don't see the sun.
    • Ensure that all areas of possible concern are documented for future reference.
    • Make sure to set up another appointment.

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