Anna Keyes

Skin Cancer Community Advocate Anna KeyesAnna was previously an advocate for

Diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer in college, Anna Keyes still struggles to find a healthy balance for a life with her nose in the books and monitoring her skin. Shortly after she was medically clear, her uncle passed from a 7-month battle with the same beast. She has found inspiration to advocate and spread awareness after being a first-hand witness to varying sides of this battle.

Though she struggles to find contentment living in her own skin, she credits this battle to finding her passion in life. Striving to become a nurse on an oncology floor, she is always looking for more ways to talk to other survivors and patients to hear their battles. Her favorite event of the year is her hometown American Cancer Society event, Relay for Life where she dedicates the night to family and friend survivorship and the memory of her late uncle. Though cancer consumes a lot of her life, she is determined it will never consume her faith in a better tomorrow.

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