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By Scott Matheny - October 19, 2017
I recently read a post where some members of our community felt the sting of having others minimize their skin cancer experience because they did not go through chemotherapy. Some related that... READ MORE

By April Pulliam - October 18, 2017
Melanoma knocked on my door in 2007. I had unwittingly invited it into my life over the years through my heated desire to tan my pale, freckled skin. I was the mother... READ MORE

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By BeePA - October 9, 2017
When I was young we didn’t know about the effect the sun had on skin. I worked in the orchards from the time I was twelve till almost eighteen and received many... READ MORE

By ANGLEEYES - September 15, 2017
When I was young sadly enough many people didn’t use sun tan lotion to protect their skin from the rays of the sun. I was always the outdoors type and spent many... READ MORE

By soccer.momma - August 25, 2017
About a year ago I shaved off a mole on my upper thigh. I thought nothing of it, even weeks later as it kept growing taller and looked uglier and uglier. My... READ MORE

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