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By Editorial Team - February 19, 2018
“Can I travel between immunotherapy treatments?” “Is an airplane safe after chemo?” “How do I bring my medications through airport security?” If you’ve been diagnosed with advanced skin cancer, you may have... READ MORE

By April Pulliam - February 16, 2018
February got here before I knew what was happening this year. When February hits, so does the fever. Days are getting just a tad bit longer. Spring, hopefully, is around the corner.... READ MORE

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0 Answers Submitted By NinaHU - February 20, 2018

Sometimes negative emotions can be overwhelming. For example, when dealing with things like recurrence and scars. What helps you when you’re getting bogged down?

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By francinecinquanta - December 30, 2017
I had a history of skin cancer – basically single cell carcinoma and I had the spots burned off with liquid nitrogen. I had check ups scheduled every six months by a... READ MORE

By Marcia - December 21, 2017
Since young adulthood, I’ve been pretty aware of what good sun habits are. Maybe it was years of baking in the sun as a kid and teen that made me feel like... READ MORE

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