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Erin M is a writer, freelance editor, and spoken word poet from New Jersey.

She fell in love with writing at an early age, and followed her passion to Montclair State University, where she studied English and creative writing. There, she was introduced to the world of spoken word poetry, and has since achieved minor notoriety in the art form, going on to compete at both the Women of the World Poetry Slam and the National Poetry Slam. She has also built up an online presence for herself with her YouTube channel "Erin Anastasia", where she posts spoken word performances, interviews with well-known poets, and sit-down discussion videos about issues effecting the spoken word community.

Erin is dedicated to spreading knowledge about skin cancer prevention. Coming from a very Irish background, she has unfortunately witnessed the damaging effects that the sun can have on unprotected skin. Both her parents have undergone skin cancer removal procedures, and as a result she wants to use her writing and speaking talents to educate as many people as she can about the importance of proper skin protection. She is grateful to for providing her with a new platform for her creative energy, and hopes to put out content that is as entertaining as it is informative.

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