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Mole. Melanoma/atypical or normal?

Hi, dont know if ive posted this in the right place, first post. Im 32 male, ive had this mole on my chest for years. It hasn't changed to my knowledge, i have anxiety and my anxiety has decided this is what we're worrying about now. Its slightly raised, a little pinkish/red at the bottom. I'm obviously worrying its melonoma of some sort. Im gonna phone the Dr's monday but hoping someome can reassure me or something here. I've sat on google for ages lastnight comparing pics. It doesn't look like melonoma pics but what do i know? Anyone any ideas?


  1. ... I completely understand anxiety. I am so glad you are being diligent with self-checks. It's great that you know enough about this spot to note that it hasn't changed. That can be a good sign.

    It is a good idea, however, to have it seen by a dermatologist. Many in our community follow the mantra--when it doubt, get it checked out. A dermatologist will be able to biopsy it if he/she sees the need.

    I am including an article that outlines the ABCDEs of melanoma. It's a great guide to keep on hand.

    I am wishing you well and hoping you get the all-clear when you do see your doctor.

    All my best,
    April,, Moderator

    1. My personal reminder: If in doubt, check it out.It is my head while typing

      1. I agree that when you are not sure, have a physician check it out for you. Scott team member

    2. It’s interesting that people always talk about changes. Noticeable changes. But what happens when it’s not a mole it’s a freckle?
      I am always checking my moles and some were removed as a precaution and some because they were in a spot that got irritated by clothes rubbing. I considered myself vigilant in this activity. But a freckle, well it’s just a freckle. Or is it?
      I was about 2 yrs overdue for my yearly check. Covid had stopped my flying back to Australia to see my skin cancer doctor, who I just love, but, I noticed no changes that would concern me. I could wait. After all I always got the ok or a quick procedure was done to take care of anything that might cause problems in the future. Usually just small BCC. Hence, I had many efudex treatments.
      I finally got back to Australia for a visit. So I went and saw my specialist. a week prior I sat with my right leg draped over the other leg. There I saw a freckle just below my calf. It just looked like any other to me. Honestly, I must admit I didn’t really think about my legs. I always focused on torso and face. But I also thought, I don’t recall having one there . I dismissed it as just a freckle and I was having a skin check anyway.
      Sometimes a freckle isn’t just a freckle!
      At my doctors visit I barely had my jeans off and he said “ how long have you had that on your leg?”
      I said “Funny you mention that.. “
      this is where I learnt freckles don’t get darker with age they lighten. Though this didn’t seem that dark to me.
      But he has a keen eye and this is why I trust him with my life.
      He rushed through the pathology and called me that afternoon.
      Of the conversation all I heard was melanoma, 10 yrs & flap. The M word was one I never wanted to hear.
      I had seen people die from melanoma and I knew just how serious it is.
      I had an invasive melanoma. It need removal immediately. So I have a sizable piece taken out of my leg. At certain angles it looks like a golfer had swung and taken a large divot out!
      Now it’s 3 monthly checks for 2yrs and if all clear I go to 6 months, then yearly if all clear.
      So I urge people not to miss a yearly check regardless of what else is going on. Secondly, check every part of your body, ever inch of skin. For women, especially if Caucasian even genital area. If in doubt see a doctor that specialises in skin cancers. Kept yourself educated about skin cancer and melanoma, it may just save your life. Remember be sun smart.
      Take care of yourself. Hey if you notice something on a friend or loved one say something.

      1. This is a great message to our community. I appreciate your perspective and clear understanding of the importance of regular checkups. I feel like my understanding of melanomas and their presentations is constantly being modified and added to. I am sorry that you have gone through this. I like that you ask others to make others aware of something suspicious as well. A freckle is not always a freckle. Scott moderator

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