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SCC Uncertainty. Ac keratosis and Regencorr

Hi everyone. Registered just now but have been reading the forum for a long time.
In the past I have had bcc on my arm and squamous cancer on neck.
Was treated with fluorouracil and surgery.
Now my situation is that I have actinic keratosis on the entire left side of my face: cheek, temple, eyelid, a little on the forehead and also on the ear. Consulted with doctors, AK is just starting to develop on the skin but, AK lesions are many.
In addition to AK, a tumor has grown quite rapidly on my cheek. Did a biopsy, said it looks like a keratoacanthoma on histology, but there is a discrepancy in findings and opinions. They said that it is not cancer, but because of some indicators and rapid growth there is a threat of transformation into cancer.
What bothers me is that sometimes it bleeds. I shave carefully and don't touch it.
I'm starting Regencor and puzzled by the fact that keratoacanthoma and actinic keratosis are different diagnoses, but their treatment regimen is the same, according to the instructions.
It is recommended to apply the cream under a film or patch. I have no idea how to do this, as I have A keratosis lesions on half of the face and the ear.
The tumor on my cheek is large and sticking a patch on it tightly is a problem.

The recommendations are there, I have read the instructions, but because of these circumstances, I don't realize how to streamline the treatment regimen. I look forward to your comments. Thank you.

      1. Why different diagnoses I have read that keratoacanthoma and actinic keratos are different manifestations, but of the same pathology. Sure Mark if you have AK foci all over your face a prevention regimen is definitely not suitable, you need a full treatment course. A.keratos I had is nothing compared to your case. You should try to follow the instructions.

      2. Thanks Lorae. One more week of treatment and something will be clear, I hope so.

    1. Hello. If you don't mind, I will post in this thread. I have a keratoma that has been growing lately and there is a bump in the center. I had a biopsy. The doctor said that for my 61 years old, too large a keratoma, and the tumor is completely benign, but, he expressed concern and said that keratomas can turn into squamous cell cancer. I have lived in a mountainous area for a long time, perhaps there is a correlation. I have refused removal for now.
      I'd like to know how long a course of treatment for a large keratoma with Regencorr can last? Who has any experience? Is it possible to get rid of it in a two month course of treatment?

      1. I think it is important to keep in mind one thing, that you should count the beginning of the regencor treatment course only after cleaning with salicylic ointment. Cleansing is not yet a treatment. Keep your treatment diary by taking pics, we are all interested.

      2. Just like Mark, I don't get any sensations. That's weird... I hope it's okay. I've been applying Regencorr around the keratoma for a week now, and I've been applying salicylic ointment to the surface of the keratoma. After five more days, I will start to use only regencorr. I will take pics of all the changes.

    2. Hi, everyone. The results are as follows - the keratoacanthoma has shrunk about three times. But, with AK on the face there are few changes, no sensations. There is redness on the face, sometimes there is a slight itching, but the feeling of strong itching, which many people write about, no. There is a little flaking.

      1. The square shapes are easier to cut out, but on the shoulder, they stick to the skin worse under clothes. I'll try it, but for now I've started with band-aids. thanks Mark

      2. In your case I think you can do it simpler.
        Soak your face several times with warm water and rub the soap foam and wait for about 10 -20 minutes and then also rinse with warm water and wipe with a stiff cloth. The scab will fall off better. Or ask your wife for example urea cream. In the morning use urea cream and in the evening or at night clean the skin, and after regencorr apply on the face.

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