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This sore keeps coming back

Reoccurring sore on neck not picked at

  1. - Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your issue with the recurring sore. That's got to be painful and concerning! We aren't able to provide individual medical advice but I strongly recommend you send the photo to your doctor or dermatologist, or schedule a visit so they can take a look and diagnosis it. I hope you find a solution soon! Take care - Kelsey, SkinCancer.net team member

    1. @Mbeauchemin1...I agree with Kelsey. I suggest you see a dermatologist, especially since the sore isn't healing as you would expect. A doctor may want to treat it or take a biopsy. I know how frustrated you must be and how much better you will feel when you have some answers.

      I am including a couple of articles that might help you as you move forward.

      Here, Scott gives tips for finding a dermatologist...

      This article explains the different types of biopsies a dermatologist might perform...

      I am keeping you in my thoughts. Please keep us posted on your progress!

      April, SkinCancer.net, Moderator

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