Living with skin cancer one day at a time. Get tips and read about living and coping with skin cancer.

By Scott Matheny - October 19, 2017
I recently read a post where some members of our community felt the sting of having others minimize their skin cancer experience because they did not go through chemotherapy. Some related that... READ MORE

By April Pulliam - October 18, 2017
Melanoma knocked on my door in 2007. I had unwittingly invited it into my life over the years through my heated desire to tan my pale, freckled skin. I was the mother... READ MORE

By Judy Cloud - October 4, 2017
There’s certainly no lacking of Top 10 lists. Top 10 Classic Rock Songs of All Time. Top 10 Bizarre Phobias People Suffer From. Midway through that particular list (from is one... READ MORE

By Judy Cloud - September 29, 2017
Numbers have never really been my thing. My least favorite classes in high school and college were classes relating to numbers. Math? I’d rather not. Accounting? Please just let me get through... READ MORE

By April Pulliam - September 27, 2017
Efudex, or fluorouracil, has been an important part of my life for the last four years. Efudex, also known as Efudix, is one of several topical medications used by skin cancer patients.... READ MORE

By annakeyes - September 25, 2017
3 rings. That’s all it took before I answered the contact-less, but familiar, number on my phone. The woman on the other side seemed calm and unfazed as she broke the news... READ MORE

By Judy Cloud - September 14, 2017
Survivor. What a beautiful, powerful, strong word. The word ‘survivor’ to me has always made me think of someone who has overcome a serious illness. I participated in a Race for the... READ MORE

By April Pulliam - September 7, 2017
Front Range Dermatology Associates provide a list of instructions for applying Efudex and hints for aftercare. In addition, their information sheet briefly mentions a few common symptoms. I am including the link... READ MORE

By Judy Cloud - September 1, 2017
I recently had a small area of basal cell carcinoma removed. It was the first cancerous area that I’ve had in almost two years. While I was not thrilled I again had... READ MORE

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