Autumn Scenes and Sunscreen

Autumn is my favorite season. In my opinion, it’s hard to beat the still-warm days yet cooler nights of Fall. Every year, I look forward to the activities associated with Fall, many of which take place outdoors.

Outdoor activities

My oldest daughter and I recently did our own version of a wine-at-the-line 5K on a gloriously beautiful Saturday in mid-October. We went to a local apple orchard that also has a pumpkin patch, walking trails, areas to sit outside around a fire pit, live outdoor music, areas for children to play, wagon rides…you get the picture -  it is a place where families can (and do) spend hours outdoors.

A bright, sunny morning

With the weather so gorgeous that morning (and a storm predicted for later that afternoon and evening), the place was packed. As my daughter and I made our way along a walking path, I noticed numerous parents with babies and younger children, and I wondered if any of the parents had thought to put sunscreen on their kids before their outing. In fact, I wondered, how many of the adults there had thought about putting on sunscreen that morning. (I also wondered why more than a few of the teenage girls were wearing heels as they traipsed through the pumpkin patches, but then I realized it was probably more about the cute photo op for them.)

Do I need to wear sunscreen in the fall?

I wondered how many people didn’t give sun protection a single thought that day, before they headed out to spend time in the sunshine. I’m guessing far too many of them. Are you someone who tends to not think as much about sun protection once Labor Day is past and summer is officially over? Do we really need to wear sunscreen in the autumn months? The answer is this:  yes, we do.

Sun protection - year round

Even though September, October, and November days are cooler than July or August days, at least where I live, you can still have over-exposure to the sun. You can still get a sunburn. Don’t let the lack of feeling hot in the sun fool you; the sun’s rays are still shining down on you, doing their damage. (For that matter, keep in mind that you can also have over-exposure to the sun on a cloudy day.)

Make the most of the outdoor activities over the next couple of months, but remember to be sun smart. If you’re going to be out in the sun, use sunscreen, and wear a hat, sunglasses, and sun protective clothing. Remember, sun protection isn’t just for summer. Happy Fall, y’all!

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