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Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2023

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month 2023!

Fear is a common feeling among those with skin cancer – from fear of the sun to fear of recurrence. This awareness month, we are shedding light on the fear that comes with a skin cancer diagnosis and the many ways our community copes with this fear.

Throughout May, we will amplify the stories and experiences of our community members and Health Leaders who have coped with fear. We know that skin cancer isn't "just" skin cancer, and we are here for you every step of your journey.

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What does fear look like for you? How do you cope with fear? Sharing can be an empowering part of one's skin cancer journey. Share your story with our community for an opportunity to reflect and connect.

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Our forums are a safe space to ask questions, learn more about skin cancer, and connect with others who understand. Every journey with skin cancer is different, but sharing our differences can bring us closer together.

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