5 Reasons Why We Love This Community

Last updated: February 2020

As Valentine's Day approaches, we're thinking of all the reasons why we love this community.

1. You get that there's no "cancer free"

I always like the "how long have you been cancer free?" They don't understand that you are never really cancer free when it's skin cancer, it's just how long between surgery or freezing...because it's never really gone. ? However, feeling blessed because the last biopsy came back benign. ?

2. You understand that prevention means constant vigilance

"I plan around the intense sun, cover up, wear sunscreen, go to my screenings. The people that are most important to me in this world not only understand but help me protect myself. I am blessed, melanoma may have changed my life but it didn't take it."

3. You know how scary it can be

"I had a friend die from melanoma. I got checked, had melanoma and basal cell removed. The fear is real. It IS cancer. Now we need to all speak up when we hear that phrase ['just' skin cancer]."

4. You know the meaning of skin check & biopsy anxiety

"I dread having my 6 month check up, especially when she gets her pen out and circles them..."

"I have anxiety every single time I have a biopsy done. The anxiety is heightened now, after I was diagnosed with melanoma."

5. You are committed to supporting others

"Sometimes I feel I should just give up when folks make those comments, then I remember that before it happened to me, I was also pretty ignorant about skin cancer. Education is paramount, not only for ourselves, but, for people who have not been affected."

"What a difference a year makes, I am so thankful for this community. From diagnosis to recovery from surgery to subsequent annual dermatologist skin check, the support and sharing has been invaluable, thank you all." - Sue, our Healthy Skin Month Giveaway winner

Woman with scar on cheek holds up magnet saying wear your scars with pride

Sue, one of our 2019 Healthy Skin Month Giveaway winners, with her magnet.

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