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Dear Melanoma

We asked the community to give melanoma a piece of their mind. We had tons of responses from members sending their "Dear Melanoma ___" messages. The biggest takeaway: survivors and loved ones are united in their mission to end melanoma.

We're in a battle

Dear Melanoma, you're a damn bully but yet I'm still winning, 3-0!

I slayed the beast twice. Don’t ever mess with this warrior ever again.

You brought on the war, you scarred me, I beat your a** and will continue to do so.

Dear Melanoma, I beat you once in 2013 and I am going to beat you again in 2019

We're breaking up

You were sneaky and didn't look like melanoma. I'm one of the lucky ones that kicked you to the curb. I never want to see you again and I tell my story and warn people about you every chance I get. Good bye!

We met once and I hope to never see you again. While you're at it can you take your friends, squamous and basal with you.

Dear Melanoma, you are not dear at all, you’re like an ex from a bad relationship popping in unexpected, leaving nasty scars. Therefore, we must end this relationship once & for all. Cya later. Bye!

I never want to see you again!!!! And while your at it...You can take all the skin cancer relationships you have with you...I'm ready for a permanent breakup!!!!

Don't mess with my family

I hate you, you almost took my mom away from me. And we aren’t going to let that ever happen again. My black ribbon is for my mom who’s in remission and for everyone else.

You took my sweet dear dad but you won’t take me

My mom had melanoma and I would say, Dear Melanoma, you thought you had her but she kicked your butt.

You took our beloved dad, then you came after my aunt, my uncle, and then me. My dad had to suffer your wrath to make us aware of you & I hate you for that. We are hyper-vigilant now & will be for the rest of our lives. You will not win.

Fighting you made me stronger

I'm tired of living my life around you! You may have invaded my body, but you will no longer be in charge of how I LIVE my LIFE!!

Dear Melanoma, I have several spots and I do not want any more. I will try to take care of myself a little more from getting any more melanoma spots. I will get regular check-ups from now on with my Dermatologist.

Dear Melanoma, You changed everything about my lifestyle and I hate you and thank you for it!

I beat you once and hope I don't ever have to meet you again. My scars don't define who I am. Every scar is a piece of what I have overcome.

Simply put, f*ck you

Dear Melanoma, F***k you & ALL types of cancer!!!!!!

Dear Melanoma, You may scar me but you don't scare me...I beat you before so I'll beat you again just dare me... You may cause me discomfort but I find peace of mind... In the people that love me and treat me so kind... I take care of myself to keep you away...And I'm so grateful for each and every new day. Bless all of the survivors!

There is nothing “Dear” about Melanoma.

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