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To Filter or Not to Filter

In the age of technology, filtered photos on social media are a way of life for some. But what about the regular people who just want to show their faces without skin cancer scars? Are filters for us, too?

What are filters?

There are plenty of filters out there that you can use to enhance or alter your appearance. Some are found online and many are found as apps in your smartphone or tablet. They do quite a bit, depending on what you use. There are those that add makeup, some fix your imperfections, and others are more playful and add flowers or cat ears and more.

Who uses filters?

From clearing up uneven skin to changing your entire appearance, filters are popular among many. And not just social media influencers - some use them to hide who they really are and some just want to look and feel better about themselves by enhancing their image before clicking "post." Others like to have fun - maybe put a cat nose on their picture or add stars around them. The sky's the limit with these filters - and they keep getting better all the time.

Using filters to alter imperfections

You'll find that perfectly normal people, who have no interest in being social media influencers, also use filters. Maybe someone doesn't feel pretty enough but does with a filter that added brighter hair or evened out fine lines. Or in some cases, maybe they want to hide an imperfection like a skin cancer scar.

A badge of honor or a scar to be hidden?

While I wear my own skin cancer scar as a badge of honor, not everyone feels the same. And I get that. In fact, some feel that people who use filters are being fake or making people believe you look different than you really do in real life. That's why when I use a filter, I let people know. I'm not trying to hide, but I enjoy how they make me look - even if it's all smoke and mirrors.

Using filters to hide skin cancer scars

That's a personal choice that everyone has to make for themselves. Ironically, when I use filters, I keep my scar in the photo if possible. I feel it makes me look unique, and I don't like to hide it. Others may feel differently. Some do want to hide their scars because it impacts them emotionally. So, who is right? Both are.

Ehance your photos, enhance your life

If filters make you feel good, why should that matter to someone else? As long as you're not using them to trick people, and you're transparent with who you really are, filters are a fun way of seeing how you can look. Because after all is said and done, it's still you in the photo - just enhanced.

If you do decide to play with them to see what you can do, check out FaceApp or YouCam. And if you love going au naturale, then that's great as well. The important takeaway is you do you. Don't let others tell you what to do or how to look. Have fun and enjoy your look - whether it's natural or made up.

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