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Happy Anniversary to Us, SkinCancer.Net!

I cannot believe this occasion passed without my realizing it, but I believe it is never too late to celebrate a momentous occasion. What is the occasion, you ask? Well, six years ago, in June of 2017, the community launched, and we are now just over six years old!

I am fortunate to have been with this community since before it launched. When I look back over the last 6+ years, I am filled with gratitude. Gratitude for being with this community since the beginning, and especially gratitude for each and every member of our community.

Offering support and receiving support

As a moderator for the site, I have the privilege to interact with many of our community members. I have read numerous comments from many kind members that this site is a great source of support for them, but I want you to know that it is also a great source of support for me. Being a part of this community made me feel, for the first time in my 25+ year journey with skin cancer, that I am not alone. I’ve said many times that skin cancer can be a lonely cancer, but with, it doesn’t feel quite so lonely.

As a contributor of articles to the site, I am able to not only share information about skin cancer, but to share my personal experience with it as well. And I have to admit, sometimes it is a bit difficult to share some of the articles because I’m opening myself up to everyone, but I have to tell you – we have some of the kindest, most supportive community members!

Amazing to see community grow

It is amazing to see how much this community has grown. I remember when the number of people following our Facebook page was quite small, and it has been exciting to see how much larger that number is now. I’ve seen numerous interactions between community members, uplifting and encouraging each other. I have been on the receiving end of that encouragement, and I can tell you that it is amazing how much that helps. There are many community members who I have frequent contact with on the site, and even though I may not have ever met them, they feel like friends to me. And believe it or not, I have noticed when a frequent visitor hasn’t commented in awhile, and I wonder how they are doing and hope that they are okay.

Sharing knowledge and compassion

As I said in a previous article I wrote about our community, “As an author and moderator for, I’ve interacted with many of you. I’ve read your stories, I’ve answered your questions, I’ve given you encouragement, I’ve prayed for you, I’ve thought about you and your upcoming procedures. But I’ve also learned from you. I’ve been encouraged by you. I’ve felt your compassion and understanding. I like being part of this community. I like knowing there is a group of people who ‘get’ what it’s like to have skin cancer. I’m proud of our community, and I’m thankful for all of you. I hope we never stop growing, and learning, and sharing, together.”

This still rings true today. Together, we are better, and braver, and stronger. Thank you, community – and happy anniversary!

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