Practicing Long-Term Monitoring

Many of our community members feel that awareness is about self-advocacy and diligence. Monitoring yourself or your loved ones for skin cancer is a way to increase awareness and to potentially catch warning signs early on.

“I schedule annual dermatologist visits for my husband, my daughter and myself, and I ensure the three of us are protected when we're out in the sun.”

More on being aware of signs and getting checked.

“Don’t think that it won't happen to you! Be aware and know what to look for.”

“I get regular dermatologist checks and PET scans, and I monitor my skin for new or changing spots.”

More on monitoring and body maps.

“Being aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer.”

More on what to look for.

“Ignorance is not bliss, it can kill you!”

More on the dangers of assuming what is and isn't skin cancer.

“Knowing that skin cancer can take on many looks, from red or pink patches, reddish dots, skin colored raised up sore, flakey, itchy, and of course moles and dark spots.”

More on the unpredictability of moles.

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