Sunscreen Stations Offer Convenient Sun Protection

Many places offer access to free sunscreen in the form of sunscreen stations. These are convenient and much needed. If you’ve never seen one, you might wonder about them. Are they free? Are they environmentally friendly? And why doesn’t my area have one? Here’s all you need to know about sunscreen stations.

What are sunscreen stations?

A sunscreen station is a convenient way for visitors to keep their skin safer from skin cancer. This machine I am familiar with offers sunscreen spurts into the hands of the visitor, who can then apply the sunscreen to their body. It works very similar to how hand soap or hand sanitizer dispensers operate.

The sunscreen is environmentally-friendly, reef-safe, and the station itself is weather resistant.

The sunscreen dispensed is an SPF30. Of course, the higher the SPF, the more protection you have. But this is an ideal way of getting people to remember their sunscreen, and some protection is better than no protection.

Not all sunscreen stations operate this way. Some offer a sunscreen mist single station where users can spray themselves (or each other) down for better coverage.

How much does it cost?

The great news for those wanting to use sunscreen is that there is no cost involved. You simply hold your hand under the sensor and the sunscreen dispenses automatically.

If you’re wondering who pays for the machine, it is placed due to sponsors. For example, you have a business and want to get your name out there. You simply sponsor a sunscreen station in a designated area, such as a pool or beach area, and the company takes care of the branding. Businesses can showcase a company logo or company name, or even use the station as a tribute with an individual name.

In fact, with a sponsorship, the machine is fully stocked for the duration of the summer - or whatever time period that is designated. And, it’s fully tax deductible.

For the sunscreen mist single stations, the users pay a fee to use the station. Those are typically purchased by a business or entity much like a newsstand or ATM where they take a percentage of the profits. In this case, there are no sponsorship ads or corporate branding.

Why don’t more areas offer sunscreen stations?

The answer may be as simple as awareness. Even with the busiest tourist areas, most companies have probably not even heard of this type of machine. I live in one of the tourist hot spots on the beach, and I’ve never seen a sunscreen station anywhere.

The possibilities are almost endless, too. Sunscreen stations are perfect for beach areas, club houses, pools, resorts, amusement parks, and even construction sites.

Some of the sunscreen station sites do have a form to fill out to request a station in your area - and you don’t even have to be a business. You can request it yourself and allow the company to do the footwork in obtaining sponsorship.

In fact, one station lists its areas looking for sponsors so that those businesses or entities can sign up to sponsor that particular spot.

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