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Tell Us You Have Skin Cancer Without Telling Us You Have Skin Cancer...

The "Tell Me Without Telling Me" Challenge has taken over social media, specifically TikTok! It's a challenge where users ask others to share that they are part of a group without explicitly stating it. We decided to ask our Facebook community, "Tell us you have skin cancer, without telling us you have skin cancer" and it received over 250 comments! Here's what our members had to say.

Tell us you have skin cancer without telling us you have skin cancer...

Seeing my dermatologist often

Experiencing several skin cancer recurrences usually leads to having a pretty close relationship with your dermatologist. Setting up frequent appointments to have your skin checked is very important, especially when a worrisome spot pops up.

"I'm at the dermatologist almost as much as I'm at home!"
"My dermatologist recognizes me at the grocery store."
"My dermatologist visits are like old friends."

My dermatologist told me I was keeping him in business.

Surgery after surgery

There are various types of skin cancer treatment-- excision, Mohs, radiation, immunotherapy, etc. Regardless of the type of treatment, it can be nerve-wracking. Not all treatment approaches are appropriate for every patient or type of skin cancer, but it's important to talk to your dermatologist about your options.

"The tip of my nose is a skin graft from my neck."
"27 surgeries... on my face alone."
"Mohs surgery complete, long sleeves and hats from now on."

The map of my skin used to keep track of my skin cancer looks like the map of downtown Chicago.

Having scars on my body

After having skin cancer surgery, such as Mohs and excisions, many are left with scars on their bodies. Coping with scars can be quite difficult. Some have learned to wear their scars with pride while others are seeking remedies to reduce scar visibility.

"I have scars all over my face and I never smile anymore."
"A scar that looks like I've been bit by a shark."
"My back looks like I've been to the butcher."

Scars, scars, scars, but survivor.

A different relationship with the sun

After being diagnosed with skin cancer, many have acquired a different relationship with the sun-- from loving the sun to constantly taking measures to be as protected from it as possible.

"The sun is not my friend."
"I’m paying for that tan I thought I had to have each summer."
"I love the sun, but the sun doesn’t love me back."

I wear long sleeves, pants, and a hat on beautiful sunny days which I no longer find as beautiful.

Want to join the #TellMeChallenge? In the comments, tell us you have skin cancer without telling us you have skin cancer.

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