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Does this look cancerous?

Hi, I hope I’m not using this forum inappropriately but I was wondering if somebody could look at my profile picture and reassure me. I noticed this mark on my arm today where I was sunburned last week and it’s got me worried. I would go the doctor but I’m in Cambodia at the moment so I can’t. It feels ever so slightly sorry. I’m sure I’m overreacting but someone I know died of skin cancer last year so I just wanted to check. Thanks in advance Ed

Community Answers
  • Nina M moderator
    8 months ago

    Hi @edofbrighton, this is a creative way to post a mole picture, and no problem at all. I can see how you would be especially concerned after seeing someone else pass away from skin cancer. While we can’t offer medical advice, hopefully we’ll hear from others, and I want to share this article on signs of skin cancers: You might also want to compare to our image gallery, which can be found in the menu. Of course, moles can be tricky, and these photos don’t represent all the possible signs.

    If your concern continues, I wonder if you could have a phone consultation with a doc or nurse in your home country? I’m not sure what kind of resources you have available. I hope you’ll let us know how things go, and I am glad you’re being vigilant about noticing these spots. Now you can keep an eye on it for any changes or new symptoms.

    – Nina, Team

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