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Who me? NO can’t be…

My PCP identified a mole on my breast as suspicious at my annual physical in 2017. She gave me the option of her removing it or seeing a plastic surgeon. I said I would schedule an appointment and then didn’t do it…annual physical in 2018, she scolded me and this time I said I’d see the plastic surgeon.

After canceling 2 appointments, I finally went the first of October. Dermatologist said it looked suspicious enough to remove, but was pretty certain it would be nothing. He had a plastic surgeon take a look at the same time and he agreed with the dermatologist. Because both were convinced this would be nothing and we had an out of town wedding to attend the 3rd week of October, a biopsy was scheduled for Oct 22.

Excisional biopsy came back malignant melanoma a week later. I was then scheduled for a wide excision to get clean margins the day after receiving results. Got a call this morning that margins are clear and now they recommend skin checks every 3 months. Relieved there is not a need for more surgery, but apprehensive about future visits! Moral of the story? Listen and heed the concern of your primary care physician!!

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  • Eileen.B moderator
    7 months ago

    We’d all be wise to learn from your experience, @alice. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on clean margins — what a relief that news must’ve been!

    Living with a fear of recurrence can be super stressful, though. Some people keep a skin cancer body map for a little extra peace of mind, like this Those maps help make screenings more productive, too. Are you healing well from your excision? -Eileen, Team

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