Skin Cancer Surgery

As a baby boomer from the early '50s through the '60s and living on Long Island, I have had plenty of sunburns. I endured many sunburns going to the ocean many times for some 20 years. I have never suffered any problems from enjoying the sun.

An outdoor childhood with no sunscreen

Back then growing up as a child you were never allowed to stay inside your home. Parents in those days told you to go outside, go swimming or play with your friends. We had no video games or TV to watch. I grew up not using any sunscreen; back then it was not even thought of. My sunburns would be relieved by using Noxzema cream. Then everything was fine until your next sunburn.

Flash forward to basal cell carcinoma and Mohs surgery as an adult

Now jump forward to "today" and I am having more basal cell carcinoma skin cancer spots. I have to go to my dermatologist for treatment every six months. My cancer spots are zapped with a freezing mist, which stings for a few seconds. My dermatologist said there is not much I can do now. This is showing up more with baby boomers.

Today I received a call from their office, telling me I have to have Mohs surgery on my ear. This will be my third Mohs surgery on my face, and they are very uncomfortable.

Always wear sunscreen

I can only say "always use lots of sunscreen" and wear a large hat at all times. I wish I could have known what I could have "maybe" prevented when growing up. You don't want Mohs surgery, it is very painful!!

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