Skin Cancer Is Real

It is in mid-1980. My husband has an appointment for some "skin cancer" surgery on his nose. We weren't warned about what was happening or what to expect. I am waiting in the small hallway that is a designated waiting area. It is 8:45 AM, the first time I'm "advised of progress" the report is that we are waiting for test results. These words are repeated again and again.

It is 3 PM. The doctor is sitting by me and assures me that all is well, but they have some videos for me to see before I see my husband. The stark reality of how much surgery was required to get to healthy skin was a mental challenge. We weren't prepared for the total removal of his nose, and the surrounding area to get to healthy skin.

The next years of skin grafting and regrowing of features was difficult, and one he never fully achieved or accepted. I understood how unprepared we were for this surgery, and why some people chose to refuse surgery for skin cancer.

This makes me appreciate sites like to keep informed about what does happen or might happen when working with skin cancer. We can inform ourselves in today's world.

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