Florida Native

Growing up in Miami in the 1960s has taken its toll on my skin. Every weekend my mom would take me along with my older brother and sister to the beach on Key Biscayne. Every time I came home I was burned, blistered, heat stroked, and begged that I wanted to stay home. Sunscreen was not administered the way it is today. I am freckled, fair-haired, and light blue eyes. Right now I'm in pain, my neck, decoute, and arms are throbbing! More wine, please!

My children may have hated me growing up because I slathered them with sunscreen and zinc oxide. But at least they won't be suffering from the skin damage I suffered. I could really use the prizes, as I still live in Florida, near the beach, but rarely go without long sleeves, tons of sunscreen reapplied, hat, umbrella, and towel over my legs. Yes, it looks ridiculous, but I had to learn the hard way that my skin and sun don't like each other! My sister had melanoma cut from her back, but she was using foil and iodine to get tan. The sun is a dangerous thing. Be careful out there. My time at the beach is limited to sunset walks, and that seems to be just fine by me.

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