Grandma Marcys story

2015 went to Dr. for a suspicious mole on my left thigh. It kept bleeding. It would kind of go away then come back. I am fair, of Irish descent. I do tan and freckle. I kept waiting my husband died, then my mom died... so finally went to Dr. It was melanomastage 2b no lymph node involvement. 2 oncologists said we are just going to watch. Have pet scan in 6 months. I waited 2 yrs. Now I had another nodule on right groin attached to lymph nodes. So metastasized melanoma, which will require treatment forever cause they couldn't get all of it being intwined with the lymph nodes.

So keytruda was treatment, one week treatment... Next week Dr... Then one week off. Then blood test then treatment so on. I had 3 treatments no side effects. Then I was tired even talking slower. My thyroid was hypo so it's supposed to be between 1-5 mine was 70. Then my eyes... I got uveitis... then my lungs had inflammation and itching...

So I had total of 5 treatments. Stopped because of side effects but had pet scan. Cancer has shrunk so I am having another pet scan 12 wks out to see if still shrunk. So I had bronchoscopy to check lungs which was good, grade 2 for lungs. Thyroid. I've increased meds a couple times. Eye steroids down to 1 a day instead of 4 times a day but I am grateful cancer shrunk. Next week I have scan. We will see where it is. Still shrunk would be great but feel great, just tired.

I cover my head... Wear tons of sunscreen but mostly stay out of sun. I have 4 kids. 13 grandkids. I live with my one daughter. She has 4 kids. My one son and family live close by also. Another daughter in green bay and a son in Tampa. They all are so supportive.

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