My Cancer Story

In March of last year I was just a happy healthy 35 year old woman. I had experienced melanoma before but just was able to have them removed without any further problems. One day after having been diagnosed with pneumonia I went for a routine chest x-ray after coughing up blood for several days. When my chest x-ray came back I had a tumor in both lungs, spleen, shoulder blades and lower back. It was devastating!
The next few days were a whirlwind. I was scared, sad, and worried all at the same time. I had a bronchoscopy to test my tumor for cells so that they could better determine how to treat my melanoma and then had my first hospital stay. My melanoma was termed as Stage 4 and we began treatment immediately. Seems like my life has been a continual doctor appointment since then. I take 6 Zelboraf pills daily and 1 mekinist, plus steroids and other medications for pain and am constantly tired.
Through all of these past 8 months I have tried to remain positive and keep fighting, even when I thought there was no fight left in me. I have found that posting on facebook and emailing has helped me feel supported and remain positive.
I almost died in August when my immunotherapy IV treatment (opdivo) went after my heart and I went from a normal functioning heart to being on a ventilator for two days in cardiac ICU and then being on the cardiac floor for an additional 9 days. Thankfully my heart is back to normal and I am no longer in heart failure.
I wouldn’t say that melanoma has changed my life for the better but it has made me look at things differently. I appreciate the little things, like coming to work each day when I can. Being around friends and family whenever possible. Taking in things around me and really looking at them and not taking them for granted.
I don’t wish this disease on anyone and try to spread the word about the dangers of not taking care of your skin and prolonged sun exposure. My hope is that anyone who takes the time to read this values each day and experiences hope and joy whenever possible.

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