A Red Dot Appeared on My Cheek

A coworker mentioned she was going for her annual dermatologist skin check and I realized it had been a year since mine. At my annual physical my primary doctor checked and said everything looked good. But I always have gone at least every couple of years to a dermatologist and 5 months after my physical I had noticed a red dot which I used a cover up make up on along with my nose and cheeks as they are reddish . So as reminded by co-worker, I made my appt and after being checked over I asked about my spot on my face. She looked and took a biopsy, came back basal. I saw my coworker the next day and mentioned my diagnosis and she showed me a long scar on her leg…. melanoma and also she had a lymph node removed. I’ll be setting my Mohs surgery date today and both of us are fortunate that we see our dermatologist regularly. I am 63 and this is my first cancer, she is in her 40’s and her first also.

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