Second time around

I am a 77 year male living on Vancouver Island B.C. Canada. I have a condition called Dariers's disease, which to the untrained physician or NP or PA would look like psoriasis, but it is a totally different medical condition. This particular skin condition lends itself to become easily damaged by the sun, whereas psoriasis enjoys the sun.

I have finished my second treatment using Efudex. The first treatment in 2019 went well with the exception of two area on my forehead that had to be surgically removed by a plastic surgeon.

This time around the cream has done its job, but I am still having a few small areas on the side of my face and my nose that just keep scabbing up to soft scabs. The scab on my nose is OK for about two days, then it comes off (no picking) and the cycle begins again. The areas on the side of my face scabs up to soft scabs and when I wash they come off but come back.

I have been using Cerave cream a few time per day, and this helps with the itching, but the scabs almost appear like a staph infection, but not that prickly sensation that comes with staph.

Any others have this situation post Efudex?

Thank you

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