Horrors of Misdiagnosis

In around 2010/2011 I noticed a pimple on my chin. I proceeded to squeeze the tiny little mite (which only produced a minute wet spot) and left it at that. I did notice that it was a persistent little horror but thought nothing of it at the time as we were in the process of moving houses and 6 months after the move we changed countries. To make a long story short we were in Italy and the offensive spot grew wider to the size of a small pea in diameter.

An unsure diagnosis and a pandemic

I proceeded to see my local doctor who took one look and said "Herpes Zastor" and prescribed cream. Had a small effect so I proceeded to consult a second medical professional who confirmed the previous diagnosis and prompted the same therapy. We then moved from Lombardy to Tuscany and I went and saw the medical practitioner there. The same result with him and by now the offensive spot was almost 1cm in diameter. Visible to any medical professional I encountered including the ER docs that I saw on a regular basis for other medical reasons (EU style - complicated) and not one commented on this now disturbing sight on my chin. COVID hit the world and seeing doctors was a nightmare but whoever I saw in the profession never once mentioned BCC but insisted on herpes.

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It was actually basal cell carcinoma

Between lockdowns, we moved to Ireland, and finally in 2021 (almost 11 years later) I was admitted to a hospital for tests for another unrelated reason and the resident doc took one look at my face and mentioned the words "basal cell carcinoma". Immediately she referred me to a dermatologist. Again here, long story short, they wanted to cut it out and their words were "Not to worry you will have a slight shift in your face, luckily its local so it should be fine".

Now I am sure many other ladies would react in the same way and ask 1000 questions. My first was alternative therapy. I was too young for chemo or radiation of any sort and BCC was too small (1.5cm x 2cm diameter). So I asked about creams and was bluntly told they do not work. My only choice was surgery which they would do locally. I was mortified. Not only do I suffer from vasovagal syncope but I would have to live with a distorted face for the next 40 years if I braved surgery.

Seeking treatment for basal cell carcinoma

So my question is what should I do? Find the alternatives or live with the consequences of surgery for the rest of my life? (Bear in mind my work deals with meeting people)

I have no one else to discuss this with and I am hoping that based on your experience I can make the correct informed decision. Thank you for your patience and understanding and for any information you could give.

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