Skin biopsies tomorrow...

Two weeks ago I did a trip to the dermatologist (after not going for many years) and got a full skin check. She did a great job and checked between my toes, etc. I had 2 spots I was concerned about and she added a third and scheduled me to have 3 shave biopsies tomorrow.

I'm not too worried but it's hard not to be nervous about the biopsies. I think one of the spots may be basal cell and the other 2 will likely be nothing but even more than the results, I'm concerned about the biopsies hurting and then scarring. One of the spots is on my face and it may seem vain, but I don't want to have an unpleasant scar front and center.

I'm hoping for quick and good results, and good healing - and I'm planning on buying myself a treat on the way home!

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