Stage 4 Melanoma

For over 4 years I had an area on my back that drove me crazy itching. I went to the same doctor for 4 years complaining. She would say it was a rash and gave me something to put on it.

A lucky trip to the ER

I had to go to the ER one night. I really don't remember the reason why, but it was a blessing because they told me about a new doctor I should go see that would take my insurance. The day I went, the doctor did a full scan of my body because I told her everything that was going on with me. When I told her about the area on my back, she made me show her. She then told me she needed to do a biopsy on it.

Getting the metastatic diagnosis

The doctor called me 4 days later on the 8th of April of 2014. Right after, she called my mother to have me rush into the office to talk to her. She even called my place of employment to tell them I needed to come see her the next day. I went in the next day and my mother and sister were already there in her office. She let my mother read the results. Stage 4 melanoma...the doctor had already contacted a surgeon and had plans made.

A terrifying prognosis, but going strong

I was given 6 months to a year if I did not do anything. I had 2 surgeries, 12 lymph nodes removed and had 4 weeks of chemo and then I've done the Neurontin shots in my belly for over 8 months. My life did change, but I am still here and going strong. I just had my 1st yearly cancer update and I am still cancer-free.

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