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Video: How Not to Speak to Your Children About Safe Skin Care Practices

Thoughts about talking to your children about skin cancer and skin protection:

  • Never project your unreasonable skin care practices on your children.
  • Never shame your children to control their behavior.
  • Never make unsubstantiated statements as a basis for your input and advice.
  • Don't let your personal insecurities undermine your ability to give good guidance and wise counsel.
  • 30-50 SPF is the current recommendation when applied and reapplied correctly.
  • 10am-2pm are considered the hours of the most direct sunlight.
  • Outdoor activity is healthy when paired with smart skin care practices. Enjoy your life!!!
  • You can get recommended levels of Vitamin D with a limited amount of sun exposure, taking supplements or consuming many kinds of fish, eggs, yogurt, and fortified milk, juice and cereals.1
  • Being arrogant, self centered, and being a "know it all" are seldom received well.
  • Time to ditch the VHS tapes.

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