Four people with various skin conditions and ethnicities.

National Healthy Skin Month: Advice From A Friend

It is common for people to find skin conditions like skin cancer hard to live with, both in terms of managing the condition and coping with the emotional impact. This National Healthy Skin Month, we want to recognize that living with a chronic skin condition varies from person to person and that the definition of healthy skin looks different for everyone.

Words of skincere support

Yes, each skin condition is different yet the psychological impact of skin conditions often manifests in similar ways - including anxiety and depression. If you’re looking for advice, words of support, and validation from those who truly understand what life is like with a chronic skin condition, we invite you to click play below.

Find comfort in community

Much like a trusted friend, here at, we are a community that offers a safe place for sharing, emotional support, validation, and kindness. However you feel comfortable getting involved, we are here for you.

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The psychological impact of a skin condition can be enormous, and if it’s something that you’re struggling with then you should mention it to your doctor. Understanding and addressing the link between mental health and skin disorders can help to better manage both.

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