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Anyone know?

Anyone know what this could be? Should I be worried? It showed up on my arm first as a little red bump about 2 to 3 weeks ago. Now has spread bigger. Its very dry looking in the middle. I've now noticed i have another on my elbow that looks the exact same.

  1. Hi @BrandiB. I understand that new and changing spots on our skin can be worrisome. It's good that you're paying close attention to your skin to notice these changes! For your safety, we are unable to offer medical diagnosis as we are not healthcare professionals. I would encourage you to get this and any other areas of concern checked by your doctor to be safe. Please reach out to us anytime! Thinking of you, Julie (team member)

    1. I would concur with Julie. I always think it's a good idea to seek medical attention when you are not sure about something with your skin or if you feel that you may want a second opinion. Happy New Year! Scott team member

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