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Beach, Pool, Pond, or Lake, How do you prepare for the sun?

This time of the year many of the people want to cool off near water. What is your strategy to protect your skin when you head for the shore or pool?

  1. ...go early or go late. I try to make it to the beach Mississippi or Alabama at least once or twice a year. When I go, I make my beach outings before 9 am or after 5 pm. I am not a fan of carrying a lot of gear with me, so I like to go when the sun is not as much of a threat and I don't need an umbrella and long sleeves. April,, Moderator

    1. I like those ideas. I agree that going at those times are best and I like the feel of not being encumbered with a lot of extra "stuff". Thanks for your responses, April. Scott team member

      1. Ditto, April. I wear long sleeved/long legged UPF swimwear, sunscreen, a hat and sunscreen oft applied. I have the CUTEST UPF clothes! My swimwear is great for keeping me a bit warm in chilly water, swims well with me and dries quickly!

        1. ...awesome! Do you mind sharing the brand of your swimwear? I know many members are likely curious about great UPF options! April,, Moderator

        2. Check our Cabana Life! Super attractive clothes/swimwear started by a skin cancer survivor. I ordered a long sleeve swimsuit with UPF fabric. It is really attractive and fashionable.

      2. I love Carve Designs for swim tops, Coolibar for swim pants (their stirrups are the best), Coolibar and Solumbra for sun tops. The swing top on Solumbra is great the Devi long sleeved top has many to choose from and is cool on a HOT day. I also love Coolibar’s shawls, plain in color and wonderful for tossing over my hat on a miserably hot day (esp. after I dunk it in a creek or sprinkler).

        1. Great information! Thank you.

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