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Day 24

I’m just over 3 weeks into my treatment - 2 tubes in for my arms & neck & chest
I’ve used Efudex on my face years ago & had a very strong response.
However this time I’m 3 weeks in & I still only have red dots on my neck & décolletage. I’m wonder shouldn’t it have started to scab or dye off by now? I spoke to the doctor & she suggested another week. However I’m a day off that & still just red spots.. so Should I keep going ? Thanks Week 3.5

  1. I wouldn't keep going without talking to my doctor. Mine said that she has know people to develop abscesses when they overdo it. Do you have a patient portal through which you can send the photo and ask for advice? Or if not, could you call the doctor's office and ask to send the photo via email? I've been there and know it can be frustrating when you've been "at it" for a while and don't see the desired results. Know that we're here for you and please let us know how you're doing! Ronni ( moderator)

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