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Dermatologist versus plastic surgeon

I was just diagnosed with basil cell carsonoma ...2 spots on my face 1 by my lip one by my ear ... dermatologist wants to do Mohs surgery on me I'm worried about the scarring or should I see a plastic surgeon? Thoughts or suggestions

  1. ...I am so sorry you are dealing with this diagnosis and these decisions. I completely understand your apprehension. I have had Mohs three times--two of those have been on my neck. Both times I was apprehensive about scarring, but they have healed amazingly well and my scars are barely noticeable. Many patients do choose to see plastic surgeons, especially when they are dealing with the face. I would suggest you talk it over with your doctor and find out what he/she thinks about the scarring. Bringing up these concerns now is the best way to get the best care possible. You absolutely have the right to ask these questions prior to your procedure.

    I am attaching a few articles on Mohs you might find useful in making your decision.

    Please know we are here for you any time!
    Keep us posted on your decision and progress. We are keeping you in our thoughts!

    April,, Moderator

    1. Thank you for all the information!!! Bless you !

  2. Ninnie, I understand how this can cause concern. My recommendation would be to either have a plastic surgeon do the surgery or find a Mohs surgeon who is experienced with facial surgeries. I had numerous skin cancer surgeries performed by a plastic surgeon, until I had a spot that my plastic surgeon said required Mohs surgery instead. The plastic surgeon referred me to an excellent Mohs surgeon, as I was concerned about going to the one I’d heard of in my area. The Mohs surgeon did a great job, and I’ve healed well, as I did from the plastic surgeries. The good news is that the face tends to heal faster than other areas on the body. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second (or even third) opinion, and make sure you’re comfortable with the treatment plan. You are your own best advocate.
    Judy, Moderator

    1. , Thank you!!! Best of luck to you

      1. Thank you! And you as well. It’s good that you’re thinking about different options for treatment, as there can be more than one. Openly discuss this with your doctor, though, so you can work together on the best way to treat your areas. Judy, Moderator

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