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Do you massage scars? What is your experience with that?

Do you massage scars?
My dermatologists did recommend putting on a anti-scar cream or gel, 2x a day for 4 months, but didn't recommend massage,. -- Yet online I see massage is a very frequent recommendation: 3x a day or so for 5 minutes, once stitches are out.

Do any of you have any experience with this, or thoughts about this?

There are some video tutorials, that seem very professional, which demonstrate how to give very active massages.

My 1.5 inch or so scar on the neck is about 4 weeks post biopsy (2nd biopsy after very tiny 1st biopsy) and 2 weeks post stitches-removal. Apparently there was no problem with stitch-removal- the healing -if not the most invisible- is at least totally closed up, so that is not a concern, especially 2 weeks later.

If I massage gently for a few minutes that seems good, but 5 minutes may be a bit irritating and the rigorous approach doesn't feel good so far.

Of course I'll trust my "instincts" in the lack of more specific instructions, but I'm interested in hearing if any of you have any particular experience, information or thoughts on this.

  1. ...thanks for sharing this question with the community. I am also really interested in seeing what other members have to say. I have never heard of this approach. Hopefully, we will have some members chime in.

    I hope your healing is going well overall and scarring is minimal! Wishing you all the best! April,, Moderator

    1. I massage my scars. I use a recommended silicone scar diminishes. I think it helps. Massage helps break up adhesions in the scar tissue - do not do it with or on dry skin! Be gentle and firm.

      1. Thanks!

        1. Try to massage your scar with cucumber, aloe vera, and rose water. This herbal remedy can remove your scar faster without damaging your skin. This has helped me a lot to remove my acne scars. I got this from and it really worked like a magic.

          1. ...oh, wow! Thanks for sharing this with the community! I am so glad you were able to find something that brought you such awesome results! April,, Moderator

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