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My experience with Regencorr basal cell cancer treatment. But, there are questions!!

Hi all. Very interested in the opinion of those who have insight and experience in treating skin cancer with Regencorr cream. There is not much information on the internet. Already tried to ask on another forum, but, no one answered. I would like to find someone with whom to exchange and share experiences, knowledge in using this cream. I will share my problem.
My father had a tumor on his back. When the biopsy confirmed the diagnosis and before treatment began, the tumor was about 2 *1.5 inches in size. The doctor did not recommend surgical removal.
My dad couldn't get the cream on himself, he couldn't reach it. I decided to try regencorr cream and applied it to his back as instructed. After about 1.5 months of using the cream, I had to go away for a long time, and I stopped applying the cream, by the time my father had a noticeable improvement, clean skin. Although I knew that I had not finished the treatment to the end, both in terms of timing and appearance, because about a week before the break in treatment, there was a red spot on his back, which had only recently bled, but overall, a week later when I stopped using the cream, the skin was clean and healthy. And from there I didn't put any more cream on my father. And for the last few months, I just watched.
Eight months later, I can see where I made a mistake. That I stopped applying the cream too soon, without completing the treatment. And the doctors write in articles that large tumors almost always have a point of deep growth, sprouting deep into the tissues and requiring long-term treatment, so it is also written in the instructions for use. And the question for me right now is, what do I do now? After all, only a small spot is left of the former tumor, but it needs to be healed. The instructions for use of Regencorr are complicated, the amount of information is very large, and I do not understand it.
The main questions are: Should I continue to apply the cream for the remaining 2-3 weeks, which I have not used or healed before, or should I repeat the treatment again; then I have to apply the cream for 30 or 50 days and then the prevention? And how to heal in such cases, if the treatment was interrupted earlier? Who has experience? Who has any advice? While I have free time, I want to properly heal my father and forget about this problem as soon as possible. I would be grateful for any advice.

Eight months after I interrupted treatment. untreated area

  1. Hi. If you don't have time to be around your dad all the time and apply cream often, wouldn't it be easier to take him to the doctor and have the tumor surgically removed? It's just a little spot, and it's on his back. I don't think you need to worry, it doesn't seem to be a threatening problem. Well, good luck to your daddy.

    1. Hi, Lora. Thank you for your response. Alas, the problem is much more complicated. You can't just remove it in our case. The thing is that my father, because of his heart problems and the threat of thrombosis, takes a drug called warfarin, which is a strong blood thinner, and during surgery it causes severe, prolonged bleeding and healing. Our doctor had warned us, especially since the tumor was not too small. They advised us to use external medication, to smear on the tumor and fix it on the photo to see the dynamics.

  2. Hi - thank you for sharing your story and I'm sorry your other comment on another forum was not addressed! Unfortunately, we cannot provide medical advice for your father's own safety, but I hope other community members with experience with this treatment are able to chime in. Have you spoken to your father's doctor about this? They may be able to weigh in on what is recommended when it comes to this treatment, or provide a new treatment option since your father's spot has changed. What do you think? Please keep us posted on how he's doing! -Alexa ( moderator)

    1. Yes, it sounds like the instructions for the cream are not very clear. I hope all goes well with continued use of the regenocorr, and I truly hope someone else in the community who may have additional knowledge of this cream is able to jump in and offer advice! Thank you for the kind words. We are so happy to have you as a part of our tight-knit community. All the best, Alexa ( moderator)

    2. , since youre very concerned about people not getting medical advice can you please at least answer my messages from 2 months ago or longer? Thanks

  3. Hi all. Yes, you have a difficult situation. You don't have a lot of options. What can you do, our elderly parents have many co-morbid age-related illnesses, and they require special attention and care. And it's so important to find a highly trained, talented doctor. Your second oncologist doctor treated you with care, and you can see that he is a competent professional. Don't lose this doctor, because it's great luck to find one. Irma, it is not clear from what you wrote if the spot on the photo is a recent one or the one that your father has now. What was the original tumor? Can you tell us more about it? We can all benefit from your experience. I, for example, had another recurrence of BCC on my eyelid, and by the way after surgery mohs, but despite this, I still believe that surgery, this is the best method and continue to maintain a good relationship with the doctor.

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