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Does anyone find themselves so distracted by the sun that they lose focus on what they are trying to do?

Yesterday, I was working outside on a show and there was a mix of sun and shade on set. I found myself thinking more about where the sun was than where I should be. This is not good because when you shoot a particular scene it is very important to be in the same place at the same time each and every take for continuity. This takes concentration and I felt myself losing focus.

  1. No necessarily. I am definitely excited when there's an overcast day or at least some clouds. I was pretty annoyed the city cut down my favorite shade tree at my favorite park. No shade means I now have to lug an umbrella, not ideal.

    1. Trees are my friends when it comes to sun protection. Scott moderator

  2. I’m not there yet. If I’m outside, it’s just passing through. I’m not doing something outside.

    1. I understand. I have felt that way myself at times. It's tough. Scott moderator

      1. What did you do to move beyond that feeling? Time? Or something specific?

      2. I found that I could feel comfortable enough outside to do what I love. There now is enough in prevention to make it worth what I deem as a lower risk to do something that is highly desirable. It has become a cost-benefit analysis where the benefits now outweigh the risk in my estimation. Scott moderator

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