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What led to your skin cancer diagnosis?

I am always interested in how people first discovered that they had skin cancer. How did you find out?

  1. I think that’s a fantastic question! I noticed the spot myself. I have had spots removed before and they were all benign so I wasn’t too worried. I figured worse case scenario I’d have to go back and they’d take a little more out. Man was I wrong!

    1. well, that’s great that you did!!! Scott moderator

  2. I had an unusual growth on my bottom lip. Quite a journey to find someone to properly diagnose me, but a plastic surgeon did.

    1. Thank you! Me too.

    2. what did it look like? Appearance

  3. What led to your diagnosis?

    1. I was at a swim party in LA and this nurse told me that I had Black Death on my arm. She then called it melanoma. I thought she said something about Oklahoma. I eventually saw a dermatologist who biopsied me and the rest is history. Scott moderator

      1. Oy, she called it Black Death???

      2. She did. I was so confused. Scott moderator

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