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What To Expect after Skin Cancer

I had a BCC removed this past summer. It was the first one. What can I expect in the future? Do people usually get another one within so long?

  1. I wanted to share an article with you that I hope will help answer your questions about recurrence rates and what you may expect I'm hoping you do not have any further skin cancers, but please know we are always here to help answer questions and offer support. All my best, Julie (team member)

    1. ...You bring up a great question, and I wish there was an easy answer. We are all so different and have varying levels of sun damage and hereditary factors. My first diagnosed skin cancer was in 2007 and it was melanoma. Since that time, I have had three basal cells all within a few years time. It's been about 6 years or so since my last BCC, but last year I was diagnosed with squamous cell. It can feel like a neverending battle.

      My best advice to you is to continue follow-up check ups with your doctor, wear sunscreen, and avoid sun overexposure as much as possible. Self checks are also important. I am sharing a couple of links about self exams you might find useful.

      This community is here to support you--reach out to us any time!
      April,, Moderator

      1. Yes guys ... cancer is insanely scary. To be honest, when I found out about my terrible illness, I fell into a very deep depression. It seemed to me that the whole world around had stopped.

        1. Thank you for sharing how this has made you feel. I understand and feel the same way at times. Talking about things has helped me deal with the fear of the unknown and the pain. Hope that you are doing well. Scott team member

        2. I understand. I took my first skin issue in stride, but the second hit me hard. To me, with the second issue, I could no longer overlook the severity of the situation. At the same time, I’m a little better every day. You are stronger than you think. You’ve got this!

      2. In my experience, I just keeping trying to protect myself and get regular checkups. I have not had issues lately, but it's different for everyone. The thing that puts my mind at ease is developing good skin care practices and helping others who are dealing with skin cancer. Hope this helps just a little. Scott team member

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